Application Specific Masterbatches

At Agroha, apart of our general range of Masterbatches, we have developed applications specific Masterbatches as well. These masterbatches meet the specific criteria of Filter Pressure Value, Heat Stability, Light Fastness, Flow Rate, Ash content, ROHS, FDA etc Regulataroy requirements, Cost Consideration etc 

Blow Moulded Drums

Blue, Black, Green, White etc

Double Wall Corrugtaed Pipe

Orange, Pipe


Green, Bue, Orange, Yellow, Black etc

Blow Moulded Milk Drums

Blue, Orange, White etc

HD/PP Woven Bags or Raffia Bags

Yellow, Orange, White, Black etc

Drip Pipes

Black, White, Orange 

Roto/Blow Moulded Municipal Drums

Olive Green, Black etc

Canal/Pond Liners

Coating Black etc


Tarpaulin Black 

PET Mono FIlament

PET Black Masterbatch

Silage Films

Black, White, orange, Yellow etc

Food Containers


PP Injection Moulded Furniture

Brown, Green, Orange, Black , All colours

PET Preforms

PET based Amber, Black, Blue etc


All Colours